भवान् एष सम्भाषण पृष्ठे VibhijainBot लेखस्य सुधार शुद्धिकरणः तथा तत् सम्बन्धित विषये चर्चां कर्तुं शक्नोति



Can you please add at least one interwiki on the page you created ? Without any hint the bots can't make cross wiki update.


--Hercule (वार्ता) २३:०५, १७ जुलाई २०११ (UTC)

Can you tell which wiki you are talking about? Regards, ♛♚★Vaibhav Jain★♚♛ Talk Email १०:०६, १८ जुलाई २०११ (UTC)
Any Wikipedia. Interwikis are links to other Wikipedia that are placed on the articles to link on the equivalent article in other languages. If you add [[fr:France]] on the article about the country named France, then the bot will update the whole interwikis, by adding a link to your article on the other Wikipedias, and listing all existing articles here.
--Hercule (वार्ता) २३:४७, १८ जुलाई २०११ (UTC)