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{{Infobox Country|
native_name = नेपाल अधिराज्यगणराज्य <br />''Nēpāl Adhirājya'' |
conventional_long_name = Kingdomनेपाल of Nepalगणराज्य |
common_name = Nepalनेपाल |
image_flag = Flag of Nepal.svg |
image_coat = Coat of arms of Nepal.png |
footnotes =
'''नेपाल''' ({{IPAudio|Nepal.ogg|[nəˈpɑːl]}}) एक दक्खिन एसियाली देश।
'''Nepal''' ({{IPAudio|Nepal.ogg|[nəˈpɑːl]}}), officially '''Kingdom of Nepal''', is a [[landlocked]] [[Himalayas|Himalayan]] [[country]] in [[South Asia]], bordered by the [[People's Republic of China]] to the north and [[India]] to the south, east and west.
== संक्षिप्त ==